Meeting Update | 3 July 2021, Christchurch

The Food and Fibre Youth Network – He Tātai Rangahua Council met and from the full meeting notes brought together the following key points.

  1. Labour shortages and public perception came up as challenges across all the group discussions and are two areas where we are most likely to make a real impact.
  2. There are a lot of exciting opportunities in the sector at the moment, how can we better communicate them to a wider audience.
  3. We need to create a social media presence, possibly different media for general publicity and one for network discussions and engagement
  4. Initially run events nationally using industry events to capture more people, but eventually look to move to more regional sub-groups. How do we ensure that we create a collaborative environment, both in those in person meetings but also when we aren’t there to facilitate discussions?
  5. How can we utilise this network to support all members to be strong advocates covering opportunities in all the sectors? And if we are going to speak to policy decisions, we need to think what’s the robust manner to form our opinions? 
  6. There is an opportunity for strong collaboration here and to not default to operating in silos. Instead to look across sectors to solve problems.
  7. How can we structure the group to get a wide range of perspectives by including all areas of food and fibre?
  8. There is an opportunity here to create a mentoring platform for young people where they can be connected with influential mentors both within their industries and across industry
  9. It is also just as important to retain and nurture the people we already have so that:
    a) they don't choose to leave and;
    b) they become career champions for their industry, therefore making them a part of the solution to the wider labour problem.