Ben Purua

Ko Tainui tōku iwi
Ko Ngati Amaru tōku hapū
Ko Te Awamarahi tōku marae 
Nō Pukekohe ahau

I am married to my beautiful wife Nikki and we have 3 daughters, Psalm, Tyra, and Maia. I am the Farm Manager of a 540 Dairy Cow farm for Chap and Ashleigh Zwiers-Waimakariri Farms. In 2021 I was an Ahuwhenu Young Māori Farmer Finalist and have also been a finalist in the Dairy Industry Awards (Regional)

I grew up as a troubled youth and spent most of my youth in and out of Youth Justice Facilities. My path eventually led me to Prison where I gained skills in Farming. Through farming, I was able to turn my life around. 

I now spend a lot of my spare time supporting men to overcome violence and addictions. I am involved in a range of community organisations and speak at events sharing my story of change with the hopes of encouraging young people into farming.

One of my biggest visions is to create a transition farm where men coming out of prison can make mistakes, have their setbacks, be supported through their hard times to help set them up for a successful future.

I want to inspire others and give hope that anything is possible.