White Paper: Climate Resilience

The main objective of the survey was to begin to understand the perceptions that youth within the food and fibre sector have about climate resilience, and what they think needs to be done to enable a
more resilient sector. The topic of climate resilience was brought to the council's attention following the escalating frequency of extreme weather events, and climate uncertainties in New Zealand.

We aimed to collect the perspectives of youth within the Food and Fibre sector by designing an online survey and reaching target audiences through social media channels and direct networks within the
council. Data was put into excel and analysed through thematic analysis.

 Findings determined that youth are mostly aware of climate resilience, although individual attitudes and awareness towards becoming more resilient to climate change spanned from un-important to extremely important. The survey also highlighted many key challenges and opportunities, it was emphasised that longer-term planning, investment in infrastructure, sustainable land management and heightened community awareness should be prioritised to enhance climate resilience.

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We held two webinars to explore our findings from our Climate Resilience Survey. Please click below to watch.

18 November 2023

Climate Resilience

The future of farming in a quickly changing cycle of droughts and floods

25 October 2023

Climate Resilience

Community resilience in the face of a changing climate with Izzy Crawshaw

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